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Upendra Shahni son of late Shri Ram Saran Shahni, belongs to a backward family in bihar, madhubani .

He lived and studied in his village Baruar, Bihar. As a young boy he was always inspired by the stories of the great patriots of the nation and dreamt of working for the progress of the motherland. He was especially inspired and influenced by the nationalist spirit and the work of our national leaders that he chose to walk on that road and opt to change the surrondings and help people around him .

This was one act that was to change his life forever and set him on a momentous journey towards the leadership of the JD(U) i.e Janta Dal(United). Around the year 1984, he became secretary of "Jan Kalyan Samiti"of village baruar, and with the help of his samiti he helped progressively to the people of baruwar by building roads,bringing the vital electricity in the village and helping the needy people of the village by providing them clothes and necessary things.

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"Jan Kalyan Samiti"of village baruar, and with the help of his samiti he helped progressively to the people."


Mr. Upendra Shahni that he got several position among different organizational group, as in 1996 he became Zilla leader Mahasachiv of "Rashtriya Ambedkar Sena".


He also served as Mahasachiv in Janta Dal,Madhubani Zilla from 1993-1997.


He paticipated in blood donation campaign in Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital ,new delhiduring kargil war.


he served as Zilla Mahasachiv in "Janta Dal U".As a prominient member in association he was entrusted with many responsibility which he in his utter conscience he completed with full dedication whether it's development of socially backward classes in his village.


As a prominent member of Janta Dal he has undergone many campaign for backward classes on various ocassions whether it is Madhubani Zilla in 2008 or in Patna.


In 2008 he participated and help the flood camp that was set for the people who were affected by the floods in Koshi, the flood affected the mostly the northern part of bihar.not only Upendra Sahani participated in the progress of the camp he stayed and helped from the begnning Of the camp(i.e 17th Sept'2008) till the ending. (i.e 9th Oct'2008).


He also participated in the training camp help in Rajgir organized by Janta Dal in the year 2009 and in the same area Rajgir he participated in Chintan Camp, the following year 2010.


Beside,helping people in the camps, he also participated in the rallys,like in 2013, he with his fellow 105 members went to ramleela maidan in delhi via train under the leadership of backward classroom of Madhubani Zilla for the demand of special state status.

He is an active participator in training camps and he never misses any chance of being there,in 2013 he participated in an Internation Training camp organized by Janta Dal in Nalanda Rajgir.


He helped people from Mallah Samudaya of every district by organizing Zilla Block Panchayat which undergone 142 sessions starting from 15th Dec'2014 till 25th May'2015.He is still continuing his service towards people by organizing various camps and participating in various activities for the development of people.

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Upendra Sahni
Upendra Sahni
Upendra Sahni

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